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Hosting Solutions

Our hosting solution, industrial strength servers delivering your site - immediatly!

Once you have had your site designed, the most important part of owning a website is getting it hosted. By hosting we mean the facility of making it available to the World. When someone types your website springs to life instantly on their PC, thrilling the audience with your product and company!
There are many, many hosting solutions, from free to owning your own server dedicated to your business. So why pay for something that you can get for free? Well as the old adage says, there is no such thing as a free lunch! Yes your site hosting may not cost anything but the business hosting will need some sort of income. They may offer you another service (such as your internet connection) but to get a return they must put your website along with many thousands of others on their servers. Servers which are therefore very busy and so will undoubtedly cuase delays delivering your website! And the services that can be offered with the sites is very limited, no content management systems, no applications - just a very, very basic website.
By comparison Communicant offer our an enormous server sitting on the Internet backbone under utilised by the other websites. You do not share this site with 1000's of other customers fighting for the server resources but just a handful of Communicant customers. In addition, through the company who supports our server, we claim 100% scheduled uptime - that means websites have been available ALL the time!

A full online hosting service

It is not just hosting either. We want to be your online IT manager. We can manage, purchase and renew your domains. We field any of those technical queries (and sales calls0 that you will get as a domain owner and we ensure your website is safe and secure from hackers. Finally, we have also represented companies who have had copyright infringment ... online. We are your one stop online shop!

We offer two types of hosting:

Shared Server

Server Rack
This will be the solution for 90% of our customers, share our server with just a few other premium customers.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server
The gold standard! If you have exceptionally hight demands for your server Communicant can set up and run a dedicated server just for you.
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