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Dedicated Hosting

We will run your own web server

If you want the solid gold service with no sharing then why not have your won web server dedicated just to you? To be honest you would need to have some high specifications to require your own server - maybe absolute business reliance on web income, your own specific application to share amongst other customers or absolute reliance but if this is what you want we can help!
We will be honest too, we recognise that our service to you must be better than our company can offer, so we offer our hosting via Rackspace possibly the best hosting supplier in the UK. Look at the phenomenal claism we can offer you: Rackspace
Zero-Downtime Network - look at that figure, not 99.99% but NO UNSCHEDULED DOWNTIME! Since we started our web hosting service 7 years ago we have not had 1 second of unscheduled downtime.
Industry leading 1-Hour Hardware Replacement with money-back guarantee
Unlimited access to 24x7x365 dedicated support team including Level 3 Tech Support
Instant Emergency Response
Fully resilient DNS infrastructure
Automated Microsoft Security Patching
Free Incoming Bandwidth - your web traffic is never restricted or throttled!
Tier-1 network utilising multiple bandwidth providers such as MCI, Sprint, Tiscali, Abovenet and LINX. We do not make a number of leaps until we get your site to the world - your site sits right on the backbone of the Internet!
We work very hard to ensure that our prices are competitive, if you are comparing our price, please make sure that you compare like for like! And how about this for a record - in 7 years our web server has never had an unscheduled downtime - thats 100% availability!
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