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Email Hosting
Email is the life blood of modern businesses. We probably do not realise how important it is until it has gone! Emails are the incredible facility to keep in contact with your customers and no longer does this mean when at your PC but now anywhere, via your smart phone, laptop or deskpad.

Communicant needless to say has a business Suite of email applications available to you. Firstly we can replicate what you most probably already have which is a POP3 email account. This means your email is accessed via an application such as Outlook or Outlook express and every so often this program automatically sends and receives your email. When it does do this it is important to realise that it contacts the email server asked for the emails, gets them sent through to your computer and then when received tells the email server to delete them. In other words the emails are taken from the email server placed on your computer and not held anywhere else. POP3 was originally designed to take the strain of email servers when data storage cost a premium. In other words the storage of emails was held on the customers computer. POP3 is a tried and tested email facility and works extremely well.

However POP3 was also developed during the times when people tended to have one computer and one access to their emails. Times have changed and we can now access emails all the time. The issue we therefore have is that when emails are downloaded to one specific device such as your smart phone they are no longer available when your computer connects up and downloads them. And what happens if you respond to an email on your smart phone there is no record of it either being received or reply to on your other devices. This obviously introduced some synchronisation issues. Enter IMAP.

IMAP is a completely different method of managing your emails although interestingly you can use exactly the same applications so Outlook, Outlook express etc. IMAP is becoming one of the most popular forms of accessing emails now. The easiest way to think of IMAP is that the emails no longer exist on your computer but instead you're using your email application to look straight onto the email server. Basically you look at the mailbox that resides on the server as if it were local to your computer. Messages are not downloaded and deleted immediately, but reside on the server. This has several advantages; firstly and perhaps most importantly changes are reflected through any device which accesses the emails. So you read, reply or delete an email these changes will be reflected 'everywhere' that has access to this account. This obviously also has great advantages when a mailbox is shared between users or multiple devices.

Another advantage of IMAP is that you no longer have to consider saving your emails on your computer. Therefore if you have a very important email this should be saved off-line somewhere on your pc. IMAP is also very quick especially over bandwidth restricted devices such as smart phones. Unlike POP3 which delivers the whole email including attachments to your mailbox, IMAP simply sends the header through to your computer and then gives you a second choice or opportunity to download attachments. This is a much quicker and more responsive system.
Finally, because emails are managed on the server, we can manage your spam from there rather than you having to download it and pay for your own anti spam software to sort through your emails. We provide industry-standard antispam and antivirus ensuring mail server security around the clock. You will notice a Junk E-Mail folder which you can review when convenient.

If you create folders in an IMAP account these are also reflected around all users and devices.

IMAP diagram
Which Protocol may I use?
By default we have enabled both POP3 and IMAP on your account. Therefore the choice of which way you want to download emails is entirely your own. Simply set up your email account as normal and you should notice an option to select either IMAP or POP3. Obviously if you share an account with someone else or other devices it should be the same protocol throughout i.e. All POP3 or All IMAP.
Of course if you are out on the road or on holiday without the facility to view your email via an Email application we have an extremly powerful web application available. Access is provided via the web-dept page, but simply put you enter your email, password and get a rally powerful email suite of applications including task list, contacts list, calendar and emails.
SmarterMail is the application which actually drives your POP3/IMAP emails, its the application which resides on our server managing your emails. Part of its offering includes a really powerful web based application. It includes an interface that’s intuitive for both casual and power users, SmarterMail provides access to email, instant messaging, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from any device or tablet with a Web browser. If you don't want to use an email client like Outlook, you don't have to; all of SmarterMail's functionality is available using a Web browser.
Powerful and intuitive spell-checking
No one likes to send emails with spelling errors. SmarterMail's spell checking can greatly increase the accuracy of a user's spelling and even includes grammar support. In addition, the spell checking ignores things like URLs and email addresses and users can select an option to force spell checking before their email is actually sent, which will help avoid those awkward spelling and grammar mistakes. Users can add words to their own dictionary to further customize and simplify communications.
Smarter Mail

Share files and eliminate attachments with cloud-based file storage

Users can turn their SmarterMail mailbox into their own personal cloud and send files of all sizes to friends, family and business associates. By uploading files to the server and sharing them through public links, users will never have to worry that a file is too large. As an added benefit, using file storage to share files improves the overall health of the mail server because large files are no longer taxing the spool.
With Communicant's simple pricing policy your hosting fee includes all of the above and unlimited mailboxes (within reason) which we shall set up, manage and help you with if required..
Outlook Exchange Web Services
If you require full Outlook synchronisation including full calendar, task lists etc. We can provide an additional component allowing full synchronisation and back up. This costs from £3.00 an email box per month. Do contact us for more details.
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