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Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions are here.
Our costs are here
Our costs are here.

Terms and Conditions

It is our design to be as transparent, honest and fair in all dealings with our customers. We offer the following Terms and Conditions.


All quotes are guaranteed for 2 months from printing and on commissioning a further 4 months. In other words, we reserve the right to amend our costs if either of the two timelimits have expired.


Of course if you have any problems settling an account all that we ask is that you get in touch with us within 7 days and we will be as flexible as possible.
Payment terms are strictly 21 days from invoice issue date. Payments later than this can incur an additional cost of 10%.
Payments over 3 months old will incur an automatic £25.00 penalty per month.
We reserve the right to withold any or all services supplied by ourselves if payment is over 3 months late. This may include: email, content management access, site hosting etc.

Commissioning Payment

A commissioning deposit is often charged on larger projects this is based on your approval of designs offered. This payment is in no way refundable.

Website Ownership

Website Ownership will not be handed over until payment in full. Until such time, COMMUNICANT will own the site and design. COMMUNICANT owns the copyright to all such designs and they may not be used without our prior approval. You accept that until you have paid in full, we will be fully allowed to remove the site or deactivate any areas until such time as balance is received.

Web Content

Your final payment for a website design signals that you have fully proof read the site and are happy with all content.
You accept that any work required after this may involve an additional maintenance cost.
You are expected to check any costs/calculations provided within your site, and we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies howsoever caused.
Your web is delivered 'as is'. During the design phase I may well add special offers and claims to illustrate particular points that you should be aware of and accept or ask to be removed. No liability will be accepted for any inaccuracies published in your website.
We will accept your confirmation that any content such as text or images supplied by yourselves can be used online and is cleared for copyright reasons. You indemnify us against any costs incurred through incorrect advice.
No liability can be made for your website not working, howsoever caused.

Browser Information

All of our websites are designed to incorporate the majority of web browsers, however we will not guarantee its accessibility on every platform and cannot be held liable for losses caused by browser and/or software incompatibility.

Acceptable User Policy - Communicant

We provide a number of services for varying businesses and as such will maintain very strict conditions to ensure all get a professional service. You should be aware that we reserve the right to suspend, stop and delete any of your details or data we hold on your behalf if they start to affect the integrity of our service, for example if you start to send SPAM via our server it runs the risk of blacklisting our IP address which will prevent all customers sending emails.

Acceptable User Policy - Eukhost

The COMMUNICANT server is hosted by eukHosts and hence operates under their Acceptable Use Policy that can be read here - This will not affect you if the content has been prepared by us, however if you have data driven pages which allow you to dynamically update the site without our intervention you should be aware of these details.

Acceptable User Policy - Secure Hosting

If you use our secure hosting service we offer this via our specialist supplier Secure Hosting. We therefore offer this service under their Terms and Conditions here -

Hosting Charges

Unless agreed beforehand in writing by ourselves, all hosting charges are per annum, no refunds will be made on hosting payments.


Communicant cannot be held responsible for loss of data, loss of business or any other loss or inconvenience experienced as a result of using our service. Whereas we make strenuous efforts to preserve all details, your data is your responsibility it is your individual responsibility to take all precautions to reinstate if loss occurs.


Essentially bandwidth on your website and email is unlimited this is on the premise that your bandwidth usage is reasonable. We reserve the right to charge £50 per 10 Gigabytes.

Additional Charges

We reserve the right to charge any unforeseen additional costs involved with purchasing, transferring your domain. This will be charged at net plus £5.00.


We would like to draw to your attention that the AUP does not allow Spam or the sending of unsolicited email. Also again the bandwidth considerations can be affected by email usage and your attention is drawn to "Bandwidth" above.


We are proud to advise that our server has never had any unscheduled downtime! However We cannot be held liable for loss of business due to scheduled or unscheduled downtime of our server.
No liability can be made for your website not working, howsoever caused.


Your access to your site may be occasionally restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance or the introduction of new facilities or services. COMMUNICANT will attempt to restore the service as soon as it reasonably can and we cannot be held liable for any losses incurred by your site not being available.

Domain Names

When purchasing a domain name, Communicants acts as your sole representative that is we purchase the domain name in Communicant’s name for you. This is carried out to ensure that we receive all technical queries and can therefore manage your details without requiring input from you. We declare that, should you wish, all domain names purchased for you by ourselves will be legally returned to you (that is re-registering with the correct bodies) should you wish. We do reserve the right to pass on any costs that this may incur and charge a small admin fee.

We do however reserve the right to withhold any transfers until full and final payment of outstanding invoices is received.
We make every effort to ensure that correct spelling is made on your domain name. Once you have received the first communication from us (whether by email, letter or text) with your domain names details on it and you advise you want to go ahead, corrections cannot then be made and you will be liable in full as per our cost schedule, even if an error has been made.

PC Maintenance

Because of the impossibility of predicting every hardware and software combination within a PC, or when fixing broken PC's no guarantee can be made for your system when installing the above. You are expected to make sure that all necessary back ups of installed software and data and have copies of necessary data such as ISP details. No liability will be accepted for any losses incurred.

We may decide that it is best to bring your PC to the COMMUNICANT base for maintenance. If this is the case you will be advise when we will expect to return it. No liability will be accepted if we fail to meet this date.
We reserve the right not to work on PC's with pirated software and in no way condone the use of such.

Information and Advice

All information and advice is supplied to the best of my knowledge. I spend a great deal of time keeping up to date and ensuring that the information I supply is optimum. However this current technology is changing so rapidly you must accept that information today, maybe outdated within a week.

Passwords etc.

Any passwords or account details handled by COMMUNICANT will be held strictly in confidence and will be destroyed after use - you will be expected to keep your own records!

Please Note: Receipt of payment constitutes acceptance of these conditions!

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